Intelligent financing for tenant improvements

So you can free up your capital for higher yielding opportunities.

Fast, flexible & cost-effective

Dolfin finances tenant improvements, and additional landlord and tenant objectives, via fully amortizing leases.

Our financing is highly customizable and priced favorably, based on the tenant’s credit.

Fast, Affordable, Efficient.

A platform to help tenants and landlords


  • Preserve liquidity
  • Focus on leasing space instead of funding TI
  • Offer turn-key packages for a competitive advantage
  • Obtain unsecured financing with no out-of-pocket cost


  • Free up capital for higher ROI opportunities
  • Focus on core business instead of budgeting for TI
  • Amortize TI payments over the lease term
  • Monetize on-balance sheet TI through a leasing structure
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More than just TI. Get capital for all your corporate real estate projects

Who can get financing for TI+ ?

  • Public investment grade
  • Public non-investment grade
  • Private
  • Middle-market
  • Offices
  • Industrials
  • Governments
  • Labs/Hospitals
  • Data centers
  • Retail centers
  • Universities

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