Dolfin Masters Tenant Improvement Financing

February 24, 2023

Tenant Improvement financing is crucial to commercial real estate, providing businesses with the necessary funding to customize their leased space. Dolfin, a start-up Fintech company, is revolutionizing the corporate real estate industry by offering financing for Tenant Improvements (TI) via fully amortizing leases. This allows Tenants and Landlords to free up their capital for higher ROI opportunities and focus on their core businesses.

At Dolfin, we understand the importance of customized spaces in creating a successful business. That’s why we are focused on creating an automated lending platform to source, underwrite, and close TI loans on behalf of Tenants and Landlords. Our mission is to make obtaining tenant improvement financing as seamless as possible, so businesses can focus on what they do best.

Examples of tenant improvements include painting and wall covering, flooring and carpeting, electrical and lighting upgrades, HVAC system installations, plumbing upgrades, building out office space, and landscaping and exterior upgrades. With Dolfin, businesses can access the funding they need to bring their vision to life without sacrificing their capital.

To calculate tenant improvement, businesses must determine the cost of the desired improvements, consider any restrictions set by the landlord, determine the lease term and amortization amount, and calculate the total cost of the upgrades, including the cost of construction, design, permits, and other expenses. With Dolfin, this process is made easier with a streamlined loan application process.

Tenant Improvement financing is a valuable resource for businesses looking to customize their leased space. With Dolfin, the process of obtaining financing is made easy, with a focus on fast, efficient, and highly customizable loans. Join us in revolutionizing the corporate real estate industry, one building at a time.

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